By Westerville North Theatre Department (other events)

3 Dates Through Oct 29, 2016

A Note to our Gold Card holders:  Because the seating for this show is General Admission, no reservations are needed in advance.  Simply bring your CURRENT GOLD CARDS to the Box Office on show night, and you will be given tickets.  (New Gold Cards are issued each school year.  Please make sure yours is current!)

A Summary of the show:

This smart and well-crafted adaptation remains very true to Mary Shelley’s classic novel.  Captain Walton is on an arctic expedition when he finds and saves Victor Frankenstein from the cold.  Frankenstein has been pursuing the Creature he created and brought to life.  Walton retells the tale of the monster’s creation and the resulting mayhem as the story, like the creature, comes alive onstage.  This thrilling stage adaptation by award-winning playwright Mark Scharf retains all the dread, anguish and heart of the original.  The Creature sets out on his own to seek his education and identity, but remains full of anger at Frankenstein for creating him.  Frankenstein, filled with remorse, seeks peace and solitude, while trying to keep his bride-to-be Elizabeth and other loved ones safe.  When the Creature confronts Frankenstein about creating a female companion for him, the doctor refuses and the Creature vows the most hurtful revenge:  he will find and kill Elizabeth.