The Wonderful Wizard of Neverland

By Westerville North Theatre Department (other events)

3 Dates Through Apr 29, 2017

This exciting and fun show is a locally written production by Joe Cherubino which combines your favorite characters from The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland as they journey together through the forest, facing all the dangers that await them, on their way to save Oz at the end of the Yellow Brick Road.  

SPECIAL NOTICE: The seat numbers for the lower and upper center sections are backwards.  On this chart they show as running from left to right 101-112, but in reality, they run from left to right 112-101.  We apologize for this error.  If this affects your purchase, please notify me and I can refund your purchase and you can repurchase on the other side.  The right and left side sections are correct.  

NOTE ABOUT TICKETS:  Please note that we are now selling assigned seats online for the first time.  This is an experiment for us to learn how to use the system for a smaller show in preparation for next year's musical.  Please let the Box Office Manager know if you have problems purchasing your preferred seats.  If you are using a cell phone to make your purchase, you are not going to be able to select specific seats.  You will pick a section, and the system will give you the best seats available in that section.  If you want to select your specific seat, you will do best to use a laptop or desktop device rather than a phone.  The receipt you get will have a seat number on it.  That receipt (either paper or electronic) will be scanned at the door.  You will also still be able to buy your seats at the Box Office with Cash or a Check on show nights.  

If you are a Senior Citizen with the Superintendent's Gold Card, you will only be able to use the Gold Card for complimentary tickets on Thursday night.  To do so online, you will select the "free" ticket option.  Please bring your Gold Card with you to the theatre to verify your complimentary purchase in the event you are asked to do so.

Thank you for your support of our great program!

~Amy Birtcher - Box Office Manager - [email protected] - no phone calls please